Personal note

Dear Boxing Aficionados,

The world of boxing has been the scene of some of the most moving human dramas of our time. 
The true stories of its fighters, their moments of glory and their worst tragedies have inspired many successful motion pictures and books. Their battles, in and out of the ring, have acted as powerful 
metaphors for the many challenges of life itself. In 2007, thanks to the kind collaboration of the International 
Boxing Hall of Fame, I went on a journey, interviewing numerous important figures from our beloved sport of boxing for my book: The Future of Boxing. This new compendium filled with memorable photos constitutes the largest collection of boxing
interviews ever.

For more than five years, I have had the privilege to meet with more than fifty of the greatest figures in boxing—Hall of Fame fighters, trainers, referees, famous analysts, journalists, and decision-makers—to find out about their backgrounds, how they got involved with the sport, and their personal opinions about different aspects of the future of boxing.

Their stories, memories and advice have become the body of the book. The Future of Boxing is a labor of passion and respect for the sport and its people: modern gladiators with a particular code
of honor and an uncanny ability to overcome the almost impossible, regardless of their ethnic or economic background.

I have been involved in the world of boxing for over a decade as an athlete, gym owner, teacher
and fight promoter. By writing this book and compiling these extraordinary interviews, I am fulfilling a dream. I am also traveling a road filled with unexpected turnings. I am discovering an obligation 
and a sense of duty to give back to the sport I love and assist those who, through unbelievable 
commitment, sweat and blood, have built such an inspirational sporting legacy.

I believe that by publishing and distributing this book around the globe is my way of making a lasting contribution toward improving and ensuring a healthy future for this amazing sport.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy spending one-on-one time with these important figures who talk about their very personal experiences and the sport they love – its past, present and future.




Alexandre Choko